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Janelle Beauty™ Curly Hair Kit

Janelle Beauty™ Curly Hair Kit

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My Natural Curl™ Hair Mask

So you want to rock your natural curl? After all, that's the texture the good Lord decided on for you.  Love it or hate's yours and you are going to make it work!  I say Love it! Love it! Love it! 

All you need is some good product to tame, hydrate, moisturize and define and we would love to help!  Check out The Janelle Beauty™ Book for some great homemade recipes you can whip up on your own OR you can purchase this My Natural Curl™ Moisturizing Hair Mask.  This premium mask deeply conditions and coat the hair follicles to give your curls that shine!

Get your hair back in shape with this extraordinary hair mask made especially for natural hair.

Janelle Beauty™ Brilliant Shine Moisturizing Conditioner

Hands down the best conditioner you will ever use.  Period.  Second only to the concoction you can whip up yourself by using one of the recipes found in The Janelle Beauty Book.

Featuring the enlivening scent of Peppermint Oil and multi-beneficial Tea Tree Oil, which deliver a uniquely tingling conditioning experience.  With strengthening hydrolyzed wheat protein, nourishing Pro-Vitamin B5 and moisturizing rosehip Oil, the Janelle Beauty™ Brilliant Shine Moisturizing Conditioner leaves hair feeling soft, silky and full of bounce and shine, without weighing hair down.

My Natural Curl™ Moisture Rich Hair Lotion

A must have for those wanting to get rich moisture into their curls!  Do you sometimes feel that whatever you use moisture seems to disappear in your curly hair?   Like didn't you just moisturize your hair?  Where did it go?

Have no fear!  Those days are over! My Natural Curl™ Moisture Rich Hair Lotion can nourish and smooth dry, thirsty hair, But that’s not all! This premium lotion will leave hair soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighed down.

My Natural Curl™ Moisture Rich Curl Define

Nothing is more frustrating than my frizzy curly hair! Unless...I'm going for the frizz look, then I got that figured out, like seriously no worries in that area!  But I digress.  I do have issues getting that fancy defined curl that only exist on my Instagram feed! If you are like me, then let's breathe a collective sigh of relief!

Introducing...My Natural Curl™ Moisture Rich Curl Define. Ordinary gels leave that sticky residue that can actually do more harm than good when you are trying to get your polished look on! This product is perfect for defining your curls while adding shine. Easy to apply without any yucky, sticky residue.  Curly hair ROCKS!